Discover Tobago

We want to make your experience in Tobago fun and memorable. Immerse yourself in the cultural, historical and ecological facts of the island. Tobago will engage you and captivate your imagination. Discover what Tobago has to offer.

From the hills to the coastline, our island serves up glorious scenery and quaint villages for you to visit. Clean, green and serene. Tobago’s agricultural diversity gives visitors a unique opportunity to taste a wide range of fruits, local produce, and local cuisine. You can go behind the scenes to experience how the island’s culture and traditions are shaped by our harvest. For instance, you can see first-hand how Cocoa is grown and turned into chocolate at a cocoa plantation. Have fun with food and plants on farms and in markets. Tobago has a plethora of activities to keep your adventurous spirit and physical stamina satiated.

Island Activities

Arts and Culture: Tobago’s rich and diverse history has left an indelible mark on its cultural and physical landscape. Colonial powers fought to control the island, changing hands numerous times between the Dutch, English, French and Spanish, more so than any other Caribbean island. The various forts and historical sites that dot the island bear testament to the island’s past. The heritage of the enslaved Africans is reflected in Tobago’s art, music and dance and several cultural festivals are celebrated throughout the year, including Harvest, Heritage Week, Goat and Crab Racing.

Sea & Beaches: Tobago is surrounded by rich and colorful reefs with hundreds of species of coral and fish, making it a fantastic destination for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling. The Nylon Pool, a warm shallow area in the middle of the Buccoo Reef is another popular site for marine lovers. Unspoiled and secluded beaches abound, visitors are spoilt for choice.

Forest Tours: Protected by law since 1776, Tobago’s Main Ridge Forest Reserve is the oldest legally protected rain forest in the world. Nature trails are perfect for exploring the forest’s diverse flora and fauna.

Bird Watching: Tobago has over 200 bird species on just 116 square miles of land, making it one of the densest in the world.

Turtle Watching: From March to September you can watch the Leatherback Turtle which is the largest species of marine turtle, come ashore to the beaches of Tobago during nesting season.