Charity Partners

The Sea to Sea Marathon is an opportunity for us all to do “good” and do “well”. “Doing good and doing well” is the philosophy of the Tobago International Sea to Sea Marathon. And, as we provide runners and supporters a good time and a great event over the course of many days a testament to how “Well” we are all doing, it is an opportunity for us all to do “Good” to give back to the community and support the causes that are close to our heart. For us those initiatives are the “Youth” and the “Environment”. They are inextricably intertwined since the youth are the custodians of Tobago’s great natural heritage.

The Community Mile

The marathon weekend will be a great time to visit the booths of our community partners in the marathon village and meet the wonderful people behind various causes and to support them. A walk for elders, children and the variously abled, “The community mile” will take place on the morning of Saturday May 19, 2018. The event will allow runners and supporters a chance to raise awareness and funds for their cause. We will come out and we will walk and dance the length of the mile accompanied by the beat of the drums of the countries of the many participants of our marathon. There will be African drums and Indian Tassa drums, the Tambrin, Tobago’s indigenous drum and the drumbeat of the Brazilian Capoeira. We invite our runners and supporters to bring drums. Drumbeats and drummers from around the world are encouraged to bring a drum to represent their culture. We know all cultures drum. Actually, anything that you can hit that will make a sound will do, we will rhythmically move through our Community Mile as one. One for all and all for one “doing good and doing well”.


Yahweh Foundation


Yahweh Foundation brings to life the concept of “being our brother’s keeper”. A non-denominational, non-governmental, non-profit organization committed to being of respectful use to Citizens, Community, and Country, Yahweh’s goal is to help the young to flourish and elderly to thrive with quality-based, professional, educational, social, and spiritual support, providing counseling, and intergenerational connections.

Young Stewards of the Environment learning about the ecosystem of the oldest protected rainforest in the world

Young Stewards of the Environment learning about the ecosystem of the oldest protected rainforest in the world


Yahweh also works with the young to promote Environmental Education and Awareness and train them to function as Stewards of the Environment. The goal is to have these young stewards engage community members to actively participate in caring for their environment.



Please support this initiative and donate to the foundation by contacting them directly at


Save Our Sea Turtles (SOS)

sos tobago
SOS is a community based organization, founded in 2000 with an ambitious mission to conserve Tobago’s sea turtles and their coastal and marine habitat through research, education and eco-tourism. This is achieved through the hard work of volunteers who monitor and collect data on the three main leatherback nesting beaches at key sites around the island and offshore.sos turtles Volunteers are the backbone of this organization, whether it’s long nights on the beach tagging turtles, or early morning walks to count nests and rescue disoriented hatchlings.

Sustainable economic growth in the community is encouraged by supporting turtle friendly businesses and tour guides. Working with local government, with the private sector and the schools to raise awareness of turtle conservation issues locally and internationally. Tobago’s Save our Sea Turtles (SOS) works hard to keep in the national and international consciousness the importance of conserving the nesting beaches of Leatherback turtles, promoting responsible eco-tourism during the nesting and hatching seasons and preserving Tobago’s rich natural habitat for endangered Leatherback sea turtles.

SOS relies on donations to fund this vital conservation work and are grateful for any amount you give. Donations go directly towards SOS’s patrol and public awareness activities, straight into the communities in which they work. Please support SOS by contacting them directly at or donate through their website at