Sea to Sea Events Ltd is a Tobago based company committed to the creation of events and other activities aimed at drawing local and international attention to Tobago’s natural and cultural assets. Our company is dedicated to enabling Tobago’s youth to become greater custodians of their rich cultural heritage, social values and the physical environment of Tobago. The marathon team is working in partnership with multiple stakeholders from public and private sectors to successfully implement a major international event as the first initiative towards these objectives.

Here’s the team that makes it all possible:

Karen O’Connor: Chief Possibilities Officer. Karen’s big dream conceived Sea to Sea and her boundless energy keeps the vision alive and the team empowered.

Safia Bulhan: Ambassador of fun and hospitality. Safia’s bliss is creating exciting and joyful activities for all.

Melanie Smith: Masterful connector of technology, knowledge and communication who makes it possible for the team to calmly hold it together.

Garth Alleyne: Principle Partnership Purveyor. Garth seamlessly connects us with the generous spirit of communities and sponsors.

Kern Thom: Youth and Volunteer coordinator the heart and soul of Tobago made manifest in his drive and compassion for the youth of Tobago.

Raymond Chin Asang; Race Director Extraordinaire. No detail is too small. Raymond is off and running the show before during and after the race.

Abbie Clement: Web and Social Media Champion. Abbie puts it all together online so that you can find us and we can find you.

Fanny Bevilacqua: Creative Design Guru. Brilliantly giving us a visual identity is Fanny’s specialty.

“We’re inspired by the Giant Leatherback Turtle… The Ultimate Marathoner”Karen O'Connor

We are a community of Ultimate Marathoners, inspired by the Giant Leatherback Turtle that traverses thousands of miles every year to return to the shores of Tobago to nest.

Special thanks to:

Bernie Conway the race course measurer who selflessly orchestrated and strategized with us to make possible an AIMS/IAAF accredited race course. This monumentous exercise was supported in no small measure by incredible people: Gilbert (Happy) O’Connor who sponsored the police escort for the marking of the race course; Chief and Doc, Sam and Lydia Jones hosted Bernie Conway gratis at their beautiful bed breakfast, The Branch: Penny Camps and Richard Critchlow, two wonderful spirits who prepared the bike for the course measurement and certification; and Danielle Alleyne-Thom who volunteered numerous hours throughout the measurement exercise, and all our events.

To our team that made the Sea to Sea Marathon Launch event possible: Barry O’Connor and his students from Boys and Girls High in Brooklyn New York who took our launch to the next level with a live shout out to the boys and girls of Roxborough Secondary School in our audience in Tobago; Nikeisha Clarke our event host; Trevis Armstrong who mounted our banners; Roselyn Alleyne for sponsoring the food; Malaika and Kagiso for their video contributions, Eleanor Decker, Kay Hodges,  and Anne Preston, the women of WCCFitness center who helped make the Tobago launch a truly international event.

Robbie Yeates and his partner OJ of Skeye Media for the video of the marathon route and stinger of our logo brought our vision to life on the screen. Jordan Khan was the second phase of our technological journey and his influence still remains. Shannon O’Connor for all the videos done of the Boys and Girls High School students in New York posted on our FB site. Pam Green for helping us implement phase 2 of our website.

Monica Faith Stewart- Believed the marathon was possible from the beginning and provided the lens through which we could view the journey. Ricardo Smith, a father to the team through nature and nurture who sees around corners and way down the road as far as the eye can see always connecting the dots for us to see what’s possible.